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Army Vet, Foodie highlights Keys Restaurant on Kare 11

Army Vet, Foodie highlights Keys Restaurant on Kare 11

Kreskin Torres is an Army Veteran, rideshare driver, and a notable “foodie” who travels across the country looking for ways to meet interesting people and try wonderful food and share his stories on Instagram.

Torres told Kare 11 that during his travels across the country as a rideshare driver he was looking for ways to connect with people from “all walks of life.” Torres said a good way to interact and learn about them is to talk about food and restaurants. “Strangers I don’t even know (say) ‘you need a place to stay? Come on over for a barbecue.’” Torres told Kare.

Recently he traveled to Minnesota looking for chili and cinnamon rolls. This led him to Keys Cafe in Roseville. He told Kare 11 “it’s all about showcasing every state’s hidden gems – and people – right in their own backyards.”

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Keys Cafe & Bakery was founded by Minnesota Restaurant Hall of Fame Inductee Barbara Hunn in the early 1970s and operates family restaurants in eight Twin Cities communities still serving her original recipes: