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Keys Cafe Unlocks its Doors on DriveTime with DeRusha

Keys Cafe Unlocks its Doors on DriveTime with DeRusha

Dive into the heart of Keys Cafe on the latest episode of Drive Time with Derusha! The Hunn family throws open their doors, inviting listeners to experience their journey from humble beginnings to beloved community hub.

Host Jason DeRusha pulls up a chair and gets cozy with Barbara Hunn, the matriarch of Keys Cafe, and her family. They share candid stories about the joys and challenges of working together, the secret sauce behind their multi-location success, and the sweet evolution of their renowned bakery and on-the-go options.

Laughter and warmth fill the air as the Hunns weave their tales, capturing the essence of a Keys Cafe experience. Just like their signature pies, their charm spills over onto the podcast, leaving listeners feeling as welcome as regulars. And true to their generous spirit, they even brought in a feast to share with the entire crew!

Tune in for a heartwarming journey through the Hunns’ story, filled with lessons on family, community, and the power of a good cup of coffee. You’ll hear their passion for serving their customers and becoming woven into the fabric of their lives. And don’t miss Barbara’s poignant answer to Jason’s question, “What are you most proud of?” Prepare to be touched by her response, a testament to the heart and soul that makes Keys Cafe more than just a restaurant.