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Keys Cafe Serves Up a Slice of Pi Day Fun!

Keys Cafe Serves Up a Slice of Pi Day Fun!

Keys Cafe recently marked Pi Day in the only possible way, and that was with a truly remarkable amount of made pies, and in the multitude of flavors that we’re known for. On this special day, dedicated to the mathematical constant we all know as Pi (π), Keys Cafe went above and beyond, creating an astonishing variety of pies to meet the high demand.

The challenge was not just in the baking but also in the storing of the high amount of orders. Given the enormous Pi Day order from one company, Keys rented a cooled trailer, ensuring every single pie was kept in perfect condition until it reached the company’s employees. That’s how you show company appreciation!

From the early hours and days leading up to Pi Day, the cafe was a hive of activity, with the team meticulously preparing, baking, and packaging pies. The commitment to quality and the enthusiasm of our bakers allows Pi Day to be a day for our staff to show their love and quality for their work.

For those who were lucky enough to taste these pies, it was an unforgettable experience. The day not only showcased the cafe’s dedication to their craft but also its ability to rise to the occasion, literally catering to the community’s needs with innovation and efficiency. This Pi Day at Keys Cafe highlighted what the cafe stands for – quality, community, and the customer experience! Look on our Facebook page to check out our posts about the day.