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Serving Hearty Lunch for the University of Minnesota

Serving Hearty Lunch for the University of Minnesota

You may know us for our fresh, delicious breakfasts, but we’re also here to make your lunch just as yummy. Our lunch menu is crafted with the same care and quality that you’ve come to love, ensuring a satisfying meal that pleases the palates of the University of Minnesota.

With fresh ingredients, an atmosphere for all, and delicious, hearty food, Keys Cafe is the place to be for your lunch.

High-Quality, Freshly Prepared Lunch Options

At Keys Cafe, we’re passionate about delivering high-quality, freshly prepared meals that leave you feeling satisfied. Each dish is made to order, using only the finest ingredients available. 

Our lunch menu is diverse, featuring everything from hearty sandwiches using fresh bread, salads made with crisp greens and fresh vegetables, to comforting soups and entrees. This translates to our savory dinners as well!

Serving Reliable Favorites and Adventurous Specials

Keys Cafe is your lunchtime destination for both tried-and-true favorites and unique culinary explorations. Our menu features beloved classics, each prepared with care to satisfy those comfort food cravings for our University of Minnesota customers. And if you want something sweet, our daily, made-from-scratch bakery has what you are looking for!

We also believe in spicing things up with adventurous specials that change regularly, inviting you to discover new flavors and dishes. Whether you’re longing for the familiar or eager to try something unexpected, Keys Cafe offers a lunch experience that caters to every palate.

A Relaxing Atmosphere for Your Lunch Break

Keys Cafe offers a relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for your lunch break. We provide a welcoming environment where you can unwind and enjoy your meal. And if you want it at the office, take advantage of our catering services that can be delivered to the University of Minnesota.

Whether you’re catching up with friends, having a business meeting, or simply enjoying some alone time, our cafe provides an atmosphere for everyone.

Family-Owned and Committed to Exceptional Service

Keys Cafe is a family-owned establishment with over 50 years of history. We treat every customer like a part of our extended family. When you choose to have lunch at Keys Cafe, you can expect friendly service, delicious food, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Join us for lunch at Keys Cafe, where we serve our University of Minnesota customers not just meals, but memorable dining experiences. We look forward to welcoming you soon!