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A Haunted Keys

Ghosts in the Kitchen

Rumor has it that Keys Restaurant in White Bear Lake has visitors that aren’t – let’s just say – among the living. Employees are convinced that the restaurant is haunted and some have had experiences to prove it. Twin Cities Live sent their ghost hunting team of Dave Schrader and psychic, Jodi Livon, over to check it out.

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Keys Cafe Pie Featured in Pie Taste Test

So, where do you go to get a good pie around here?

We ate 14 pies from as far away as the North Shore and Osseo, WI, in order to figure who’s slinging a decent home-style pie in our part of the world. The results: A few real gems, some fixer-uppers, and a healthy handful of horrifying pie wrecks. (Read on to see whose pie is “positively criminal,” and whose is “fantastic — I would eat it for breakfast after eating it for dessert.”)Read the full story at HeavyTable.com

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